What is Brand Activation?

Brand Activation is aimed at stimulating certain behavior among consumers that will drive sales. Within the shopper journey the key objectives of an activation campaign are often:

  1. to generate brand awareness
  2. to drive trial or trigger purchase, or
  3. to increase brand loyalty


Brand Activation Work Examples


Brand Activation Purchase Mechanic



Mobile Sales Unit



Trial & Sampling Kits






Why do we do Brand Activation?

We love commercial results and while good Innovation, Brand Strategy & Brand Design all create the perfect foundations for commercial success. A brand activation campaign directly chases commercial results.


Our Approach to Brand Activation

Many clients that we’ve worked with have approached us for the same reason. They are looking for bespoke, unique, on-brand ideas and mechanics not generic executions that can be done for any brand. How can we use activation activities that really tell a brand’s story, that really drive a brand’s message, that really establish a brand’s value proposition and that really connect!


For More Info, or if you’d like to discuss a Brand Activation Campaign, do get in touch here!