Brand Identity Design Services in Asia

Square44 provides several brand identity design services, including brand naming, brand logo design, visual identity system development and the development of complex brand identity guidelines.


Square44 is an Expert in Brand Identity Design

We’re experts in developing a range of brand identity design services. Whether it’s developing a new beverage brand from scratch for a client in Sri Lanka, or whether it’s tweaking an existing logo, relaunching a brand


We work on Many Brand Identity Design Projects

  • we create brands from scratch
  • we support with brand name development
  • we create brand logo’s
  • we design distinctive brand assets
  • we design a brand’s visual style
  •  we develop brand identity guidelines


Our Brand Identity Design Services include:


1. Brand Naming

COCA-01-C10 (2)


2. Brand Logo Design

3.1.1 - brand naming & logo design


3. Brand Logo Transliteration

Nestea Web 02.1


4. Development of Brand Mascots

Milkuat CRED 10x7.5 NT Charactor



5. Visual Identity System Development



7. Development of Distinctive Brand Assets

3.1.3 - development of distinctive brand assets


8. Development of Brand Books, Brand Manuals & Brand Identity Guidelines



9. Brand Application Design

3.3.2 - outdoor branding systems

For More Info, or if you’d like to discuss developing a unique, compelling and impactful Visual Identity solution for your Brand, do get in touch here!