Brand Strategy Solutions in Asia

Square44 helps consumers brands across 16 markets in Asia with Brand Strategy solutions. Some clients have a fixed strategy in place already and have no need for this, some clients ask us to shed a light on a strategy they came up with and ask us for a second opinion and some clients want us to completely draft up a most effective brand strategy for their brand. Our goal is always the same: maximum commercial impact!


Square44’s Brand Strategy Services include:

  • Market Analysis, Competitors & Best Practice Review
  • Commercial Challenges
  • Superior Value Proposition Development
  • Brand Concept Development
  • Brand Personality & Positioning
  • Communication Strategy


Brand Strategy Process

Brand Strategy can involve many aspects along the journey from briefing to solution – some phases are highlighted below.


step 1 – briefing

At this stage clients brief commercial goals, restrictions & limitations, competitive context and target audience insights. Various challenges are discussed and it’s up to the consultant team to try and help connect the dots in the solutions that are being developed.

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step 2 – insights

Solutions must be rooted in insights and we always explore three dimensions: brand, competition and consumer.



step 3 – implications

based on a thorough review of insights, a first strategic approach can be developed.



step 4 – brand concept development 

A starting point of the branding journey starts with a single-minded, focused brand concept, also known as a superior value proposition.

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step 5 – creative strategy & conceptual development

Once a concept has been developed and agreed on, the creative strategy can take place and various creative partners can start to develop their deliverables.



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