(New) Market Entry Solutions in Asia

Looking to expand business into Asia? Or already in Asia, but planning an entry into a new market? We can help ensure you are successful.


Having operated in Asia for 16 years, we know markets very well, we understand consumers in different markets and through our network we have various contacts in strategy, distribution, commercial planning and sales that can help guide brands to market in the right way.


(New) Market Entry Services

Here’s where we help brands that plan an entry into a new market, or optimize results in an existing market:

  • Market Assessment, Size-of-Market Opportunity Mapping
  • Category / Channel & Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer / Shopper Insight Generation
  • Contact Facilitation with Distributors
  • Optimal Product & Brand Concept Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Commercial Strategy & Execution
    • Brand / Pack / Price / Channel Strategy
    • Shopper & Channel / Customer Marketing Approach
    • Net Revenue Manage
  • Evaluation & Ongoing Business Management Support


How we Work

  1. Kick-Off Discussion to Understand Your Business & Expansion Objectives
  2. Identify & Define Market Potential
  3. Introduce Distribution or Contract Manufacturing Partners
  4. Develop the Commercial Strategy & Launch Plan
  5. Develop Marketing Plan & Monitor Activation
  6. 6-monthly Review

For More Info, or if you’d like to discuss (New) Market Entry Solutions for your Company or Brand Portfolio, do get in touch here!