Retail Design in Asia

Square44 helps consumer brands with their Retail Design Solutions. Our goal is not to just develop retail design solutions that look attractive, we’re aiming for solutions that show an understanding of path to purchase, the shopper journey, the importance of in-store navigation, optimized departmental zones, easier promotion identification, better executed point of sale activities. All with a single minded aim: to help you increase sales.


Square44’s Retail Design Focus Areas

  • Store Formula Development
  • Store Layout & Shopper Journey
  • Path-to-Purchase Analysis
  • Navigation & Way-finding
  • Promotional Messaging & Pricing Systems
  • Product Information & Education
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Departmental Design
  • Check Out
  • Shop-in-Shop Solutions
  • Point of Sales Executions


Square44’s Retail Design Process

  1. The Brief
    Work Starts with a Briefing Session that clarifies your commercial Objectives / the challenges and issues you face and a peek into the needs and preferences of shoppers as well as a look at your key competition.
  2. Analysis & Recommendations
    Square44 will analyze a sample of typical store environments, across key
  3. Floor Plan + Initial Concept Design
  4. Commercial Communication
  5. Pilot Store
  6. Scaling across Departments & Store Formula’s
  7. Pilot Store Development
  8. Evaluation & Optimization
  9. Retail Identity Guidelines
  10. Large Scale Design Roll-Out

For More Info, or if you’d like to discuss a Retail Design Project you’re planning, do get in touch here!