Creating the Brand Design & Packaging Design for a New Premium Ice Cream Brand in Sri Lanka


Square44 handled the brand design and packaging design for a new ice cream brand called Imorich that was set for launch in Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Work was so successful that the brand was able to double the sales of a comparable brand, the company previously had in the market, while commanding a 250% price premium!



Read the story of this new brand launch and how we were able to deliver tremendous commercial results for our client!


the Imorich Brand Logo

Initial Design Concept Work

The Final Selected design delivered strongly on indulgence and taste appeal - key purchase criteria for any ice cream brand.

The entire product portfolio that includes all available variants.

We developed templates for future product launches in addition

and here you see the BEFORE and AFTER look of the old brand that was pulled from the market and replaced by Imorich.

To allow for brand extensions and to help figure out how collateral materials could be developed, all visual brand assets and brand identity building blocks were identified separately and a set of application rules was developed.

A few critical applications were pre-developed by Square44 to allow extension into shop formats, delivery vehicles and key brand collateral.