When Carlsberg planned it’s Thai market reentry after a 7 year absence, it approached Square44 for help to develop a bespoke brand activation approach. We adapted packaging design for the Thai market, we developed a brand activation strategy to help make maximize the brand’s visibility, we looked at ways to trigger trial and optimize relationships with venues and we looked activation mechanics that speak the brand’s language and create value, interest and excitement for users.

We started with packaging design adaptations, but our approach quickly evolved to include a comprehensive market re-entry strategy. As part of the campaign development, we created brand activation ideas around key beer touch points and activities, specifically looking for more unique, more effective and more practical executions.

Brainstorming & ideation sessions took place after we completed extensive surveys of the market. We looked at diverse locations and point-of-purchase venues. We looked at restaurants, bars and clubs in tourist-focused, expat-focused and Thai drinker-focused locations. We spoke to bar, restaurant and club-owners and involved marketing, event and brand activation specialists.

One of our observations led to the idea we titled "winning the beginning" it was based on the notion that drinkers in any venue typically stick to whatever they drink first. So it quickly became clear that it was essential for any brand fighting for share of throat to own the first drinking moment.

We adapted the activation concept to club, bar and restaurant venues - ensuring promotion girls are geared up with the right tools to convert drinkers more effectively. In clubs promotion girls would wear beer on their body via a beer-belt, selling drinks as they navigated crowded clubs. In bars promotion girls would lead guests to the table whilst constantly having a cold beer ready-to-serve followed by the question "Would you like me to try and find you a waiter? Or would you like a cold drink now?". In large restaurants we did not rely on the single girl to be the first to reach every table, instead ensure each table has buckets with cold beers on them, with call-to-action cards to let patrons serve themselves.

Our activation strategy encompassed many more ideas and we continued work developing thematic key visuals for various follow-up campaigns