Mondelez Thailand engaged Square44 for an extensive shopper marketing project aimed at mapping, analyzing and improving the path to purchase of their gum and candy brands. One of the brands we relaunched following this project was Clorets.

Research started with an in-depth study of the various sales channels in Modern Trade and Traditional Trade.

Square44 then conducted several workshops where integrated groups of local and regional marketing, sales, activation and R&D teams were given several exercises aimed at developing ideas and solutions that were further developed into a comprehensive action plan.

One of the aspects included a logo clean up and simplification making the brand easier to read.

Our packaging design update for clorets, aimed at simplifying design to make designs more visible and impactful at shelf.

Our "cleaner, tastier, fresher" concept was selected as the winning design solution which was rolled out across the entire Clorets brand portfolio, delivering a stronger impact on shelf