A strong and ongoing 5 year partnership between IBTC, the manufacturer of Myanmar biggest spirits brand Grand Royal Whisky and Square44 resulted in a tremendous commercial success story.

When we first started to work on Grand Royal, the brand looked incredibly dated. Not surprisingly the brand enjoyed pretty much a monopoly position in a market which at the time was still heavily underdeveloped. Opening borders and the threat of an invasion of international brands forced the brand into a defensive mode looking for ways to refresh and modernize.

Only after tremendous success and dramatic sales uplifts of radically modernized limited editions the brand dared to let us work on its main brand.

Our solution was a portfolio strategy that would allow the brand to uptrade users to more premium products at higher price points by introducing new SKU'S with clearly different positioning strategies. We developed series of thematic key visuals that tell the story of each sku and we developed activation ideas to support relaunch efforts.

Over the years many audits gave valuable insights on how to connect better with the users. In workshops we aligned the various teams with the current strategic audience which greatly gave direction to the various strategic marketing initiatives the teams deployed.

As with many markets Myanmar is also 'going dark' rapidly. Forcing brands to advertise differently. We developed a series of brand assets that the brand could leverage to build recognition other than over product visual or brand logo.

we also worked extensively on Refreshing the brand look and feel where it lives most: in the various drinking outlets spread out over the country. We developed a modular brand environment kit that could be scaled and used to convert outlets into branded spaces where Grand Royal is dominant and visible.