Danone entrusted Square44 following a three-way pitch with the relaunch of its biggest kids brand worldwide: Milkuat.
Selling over 1 billion products a year Milkuat already was a highly succesful brand engaging Indonesi a’ s youngest for well over a decade.

Our work started with developing an understanding of the role of the brand in the lives of both mums and kids.

Our portfolio solution paid particular attention to the 'buyer versus user aspect' where some products which were more focused on mums as the buyer included relevant nutrition cues which were replacesd with fun cues for products that completely focused on kids.

Design concepts went through rigorous testing to ensure all design elements were perfectly optimized.

We developed packaging design guidelines and templates for each of the various ranges.
As a brand partner to the team square44 got more and more involved with building the brand over other touch points and as such we developed various brand activation ideas.

We developed a shopper marketing solution for modern trade that made the brand more visible even though its placement was fragmented to various locations.

We developed fun and playful mobile retail units.

We even created an entirely new character, working with Hollywood script writers and Disney illustrators to develop character, personality and look.