Packaging Design & Brand Relaunch of SGM in Indonesia

Work started with a solid bit of research to understand User and Shopper habits, local competition and category language and international benchmarking against key competitors.

The initial design concept stage broadly explored various territories that were identified as having strong potential success.

Designs were extensively tested making use of eye-tracking and consumer interviews

Several rounds of optimization followed where every element was perfected in great detail, ensuring progress was made on every aspect of the new pack.

and the result was amazing! an updated rejuvenated, more premium design execution that scored well in all areas.

for comparison the BEFORE and AFTER of the designs, shows a huge improvement. De-cluttered packs, better information layout, improved readability and varianting and strong prominence on the nutrition engine.

the final look of all variants that make up the core range.

the final look of the entire folio following relaunch!