Packaging Design & Brand Relaunch of Velvet Sri Lanka


Square44 was briefed to handle the brand relaunch and packaging design update for Velvet, a market leading soap brand in Sri Lanka. As part of the relaunch we helped Velvet, which in the soap category is fighting with Unilever’s Lux brand, to carve out its own space and develop it’s own positioning concept. In addition we explored structural design and developed bottle shapes for the body wash, body lotion and handwash ranges.

work started with a thorough check on consumer insights. We visited households, observed where and how products are used and stored in the home and discussed with consumers what features and benefits of a soap are important to them and why. We explored category language and positioning best practices that established a foundation for a commercially successful relaunch

we developed several design concepts and visual executions and for the soap relaunch a rather evolutionary cleaned up version of the design was preferred to avoid alienation of current users.

bottle shape exploration took place, initially looking at differentiated shapes for body wash and body lotion packs.

we developed structures from hand sketch, all the way up to 3D CAD files design was based on a "drop essence story" that was also incorporated in the label graphics. the 3d files for the bottles had to be volume and weight accurate and the amount of plastic that could be used was pre-defined.

The final design of the body wash range was linked to the color equity they also make use of on the soap bar range.

for the body lotions we initially aimed for a mirrored bottle shape for strong differentiation. For practical reasons the same orientation was used, but a golden cap was used to clearly distinguish both ranges from each other. Graphic executions brought in lotion cues and softness, one of the skin promises the brand delivers on with every product range.

We also developed shapes for the liquid hand soaps, again undertaking development from start to finish.

The final design for the hand soaps shows liquid color to add to variant differentiation in the clear plastic structure. Ingredient visuals and softness messages are also clearly conveyed.